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Recruitment & Staffing Solutions

Our exhaustive database allows us to intensively search and source the right professionals, mapping and matching them to the client’s corporate culture, and subjecting candidates to a rigorous and diligent screening and selection process. By tapping into the best available talent pool of diversity, we have been successful in providing clients with individuals who have developed into devoted and loyal employees. Our candidates have gone on to carve successful growth graphs with our clients.

We don’t just fulfil your staffing requirements – we get the best people for you.

Career Options is a leading HR services provider offering complete recruitment solutions to SMEs Multinational organizations operating in Kenya and the East and Central Africa region. Armed with a profound understanding of the industry, and more than 10 years of experience, we stand today as one of the foremost staffing companies that connects clients with the right people.

At Career Options, we do not just fill a vacancy in your company – we make it our mission to find the best qualified people who share the same dedication and passion for excellence as your company.

Our full recruitment and staffing solutions include turnkey resource onboarding, issuance of offer letter, processing and ensuring employee contracts and benefits comply with strict labour laws. Whether you’re looking for a long-term or temporary staffing solution, our HR specialists can help you locate and enlist the right professionals for the job.

Career Options staffing solutions – Empowering you to grow your team by investing in the right people

As one of the most reliable contract staffing agencies catering to businesses in Kenya and across the country, we always make sure we are fully briefed on your requirements, so we can easily match our solutions accordingly. Through the years, we have cultivated and maintained a robust talent database on all fields and specializations, allowing us to speed up the recruitment process while selecting the most eligible candidates